The hotels with special rates rates for MED 2024 participants are listed as recommended hotels.

The list below provides a small sample of other accommodation options in, and around, the city of Chania. There is a plethora of accommodation alternatives ranging from Luxury Hotels and Resorts to Boutique Hotels, Airbnb, Room Rentals, and more. Participants may wish to explore these alternatives using relevant search engines and services. If you need any information or help with accommodation, you may also reach out to Kimon Valavanis, or Nadia Danezou,  

Please be aware of scammers and phishing attempts – MED 2024 has not endorsed nor contracted any travel agency for travel and accommodation.

Please note: The list of accommodation in the greater area of Chania offers excellent alternatives for families who want to enjoy business and pleasure. If you decide to stay in any of these places, it is highly recommended to rent a car for transportation. 

Accommodation in the City of Chania 

Neoria Houses
Mob.: (+30) 6944650811
Located in the Old Venetian Harbor of Chania, very close to the city center 

Porto Veneziano [One of the 4 recommended hotels]
+30 28210 27100
Just a 10-minute walk from the Old Town and a 3-minute walk from the conference venue

Avra Apartments
+30 28240 84500
Located at the Old Venetian Harbor of Chania

La Maison Ottomane
+30 28210 08796
Just a 3-minute walk from the Old Venetian Harbor of Chania

Elia Erato
+30 2821099383
Located inside the walls of the Old Town of Chania

Belmondo Hotel
+30 28210 36217
Located in the heart of the Old Venetian Harbor of Chania

Kydon Hotel [One of the 4 recommended hotels]
+30 28210 52280
Located in the city center

Avra City Hotel
+30 28210 27970
Located close to the Old Town of Chania

Kriti Hotel
+30 28210 51881-3-5
Located in the city center

Samaria Hotel
+30 28210 38600
Located in the heart of Chania

Irida Hotel
+30 2821046060 
Located in the cosmopolitan area of Koum-Kapi, 10-minute walk to the conference venue

Sansal Hotel [One of the recommended hotels]
+30 28210 70755
Located in the city center

The Chania Hotel [One of the recommended hotels]
+30 2821 090002
Located in the city center

Accommodation in the greater area of Chania

Kalamaki Mare
+30 2821032810
Just a few steps from the Kalamaki coast

Elia Hotels
+30 2821073131
Located on the beach of Stalos

Thalassa Resort
+30 28210 60660
Located on the beach of Agia Marina

Angels Suites
+30 695 50 91 010
Located on the beach of Platanias

Porto Platanias
+30 28210 38800
Located on the sandy beach of Platanias, only 500 meters away from center of the town  

Summertime Boutique Hotel & Spa
+30 28210 84974 
Luxury apartment Hotel right in the heart of Platanias

Esthisis Suites Chania
+30 28210 84406
Located in the town of Platanias

Indigo Mare
+30 28210 60420
Located on the golden beach of Platanias

Minoa Palace Resort
+30 28210 36500 
A popular tourist resort located in the town of Platanias

Enormi Eanthia Beach Resort
+30 28210 61185 
Located at a 15-minute walk from the town of Platanias