John Lygeros
ETH Zürich
, Professor

Title and abstract: to be announced soon

Biography of the speaker: John Lygeros received a B.Eng. degree in 1990 and an M.Sc. degree in 1991 from Imperial College, London, U.K. and a Ph.D. degree in 1996 at the University of California, Berkeley. After research appointments at M.I.T., U.C. Berkeley and SRI International, he joined the University of Cambridge in 2000 as a University Lecturer. Between March 2003 and July 2006 he was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, Greece. In July 2006 he joined the Automatic Control Laboratory at ETH Zurich where he is currently serving as the Professor for Computation and Control and the Head of the laboratory. His research interests include modelling, analysis, and control of large scale systems, with applications to biochemical networks, energy systems, transportation, and industrial processes. John Lygeros is a Fellow of IEEE, and a member of IET and the Technical Chamber of Greece. Since 2013 he is serving as the Vice-​President Finances and a Council Member of the International Federation of Automatic Control and since 2020 as the Director of the National Center of Competence in Research “Dependable Ubiquitous Automation” (NCCR Automation).