The main functions of the Mediterranean Control Association are the coordination and supervision of the annual Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation and the dissemination of related information via electronic means.

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Plenary talks

The series of Mediterranean Conferences on Control and Automation (MED Conferences, for short) was launched in 1993. Over its almost 30 years of existence, it hosted many great speakers and plenary talks.

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Proceedings of MED conferences since 2006 have been published in IEEE Xplore® Digital Library. Proceedings of MED conferences prior to 2005 are available on this site, and may be found the respective year's conference in the list of Conferences.

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MED '20 conference

The 28th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED ’20) will take place on September 16-18, 2020, in Saint-Raphaël, France. The general chair of the conference is Didier Maquin, and the program chairs are Kimon Valavanis and Didier Theilliol. For more details, visit the MED '20 web site.

Saint-Raphaël, FRANCE
Saint-Raphaël, FRANCE

Proposing and organizing a MED Conference - 'How to' Guide

The organization of a MED conference starts with submitting a preliminary proposal to the MCA Board. This step takes place at two to three years in advance. Prospective organizers are kindly referred to the document entitled "Notes and Recommendations on Proposing and Organizing a MED Conference".

About MCA

The Mediterranean Control Association (MCA) is a non-profit organization registered in the Republic of Cyprus.

The MCA was formed in June 1998 with goals to promote initiatives for enhancing scientific exchanges, to disseminate information, to coordinate research networks, and to facilitate technology transfer primarily within the countries of the Mediterranean region. The main interests of the MCA are in the broad scientific areas of Systems, Control, and Automation.

Historically, the MCA presented some awards for exceptional contributions to the areas of systems, control and automation.


Please address any comments or concerns to, or write to:
Mediterranean Control Association (MCA)
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